Hello, and welcome

Welcome to you, and to myself. This is as much an introduction for me, as it is for you.  As I welcome you to my website I also welcome myself to the world of writing as a professional. It is important that I specify this as only my professional writing debut. I have been writing for many years, in many different forms, for many different reasons.

The first and foremost reason has always been that I enjoy writing immensely. The second would have to be that I have been reliably informed that I am pretty good at it. For as long as I have been converting my thoughts to text, I have been informed that somewhere between the ideas and the choices in expressing them, I had found a talent.

Talent always sounded nice, but never very financially stable. I strayed from this passion years ago for something safe. I could never truly stay away though. In every office or customer service position I held, I jumped at the change to use my writing abilities in any way. I often impressed both co-workers and clientele with my use of words, even in something as mundane as a daily report email.

Yes, even while playing it safe, I couldn’t resist the urge to write. Now it is time to stop playing it safe, and live by my name (“Ryske” pronounced “Risk”). I have take the first step to fulfilling a long standing goal of writing professionally. I have taken the risk.

So, once again, I welcome you to Ryske Writes. I hope you enjoy your stay, and I hope we both find what we are searching for.


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